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|| PLOT ||

When we last left Bella and Edward, the Volturi had given them one option and the Quileutes another. Either Bella remains human, thereby avoiding a war with the Quileute werewolves but also costing her her life at the hands of the Volturi, or Bella becomes a vampire, thereby launching werewolves and vampires into what is sure to be a bloody and all-inclusive war that can’t possibly remain under the scope of human radar for long. Bella chose the latter, with the conditions that she is to wait until she graduates from Forks High School and marry Edward, becoming a true Cullen in more ways than one.

And so she waits.

However, if there is one thing Edward wants to preserve about their relationship, it is Bella’s humanity. He doesn’t want to change her, but he refuses to let her die, either. There seems to be only one way to prevent either from happening: take down the Volturi. Ludicrous as this is, it’s even more absurd for him to do it alone. He finds an unlikely ally in Jacob Black, who shares Edward’s desire to keep Bella human and avoid a war between the vampires and the werewolves. As Jacob and Edward call a truce and meet secretly to devise a way to pull off this dangerous stunt, the tensions between the Quileute werewolves and the Cullens continue to mount.

On one side, each and every single Cullen is ready, willing, and waiting to make Bella one of them, whether Edward approves or not. And on the other side, the Quileutes are waiting for the Cullens to sink one fang into Bella, break the treaty, and launch a war. And somewhere in between, Victoria is still at large and hungry for revenge—and Bella herself.

We To The Grave, so named for a French art song by Claude DeBussy, is a Twilight RPG that is canon compliant for now, but will become AU once Eclipse comes out. Who’s side are you on?

|| RULES ||

1} Do not join if you are not going to be active. I can’t stress this enough. In order for the RP to be fun for everyone, then everyone must participate. Do not join if you know you are only going to be able to post once a week, if even that. This goes double if you are a major character. You are expected to post regularly, maybe not once a day, but much more than once a week. If you are inactive, you will get one warning and after that, you will be booted and your character will be put up for adoption.

2} If you feel the need to leave the RP, please notify a mod. Also, be aware that upon leaving, you are to leave your character journal behind, password and all. You are not allowed to take it with you because the posts contained therein belong to the RP and we want them to stay there. You are welcome to leave if you so choose, but you can’t take your journal with you. You can either make a new character journal or recyle an old one as long as you're willing to part with it if you feel the need to leave.

3} This is a journal and thread based RPG. That means that you will be RPing by journal and by RP. In your character journals, you (as your character, of course) are welcome to make posts much like you would in a regular LJ (first person, past tense) and RPing takes place when the other characters comment and you reply to those comments. That’s the journal based. Now, if, for example, Jacob and Bella talked on the journals, then decided to go grab a burger together, one of them would start a post in the main community, wetothegrave, and they would roleplay it out in third person, past tense as if they were writing a story. That’s the thread based. If you have any questions about this, don’t hesitate to ask.

4} When writing in your character journals, please DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES USE *action* or emoticons (example: ^_^). Edward and Bella—and most of the characters in Twilight, as a matter of fact—are a bit too mature for such things. In addition, no netspeak, which means no typing lyke dis lol. Please use complete sentences and proper English, unless it would make sense for your character to use any of the above. And let me clear that up: it never makes sense.

5} This RP is generally canon. What does that mean? It means that if you can make it believable that Jacob and Jessica could pursue a relationship, then you go right ahead. You are allowed to take creative liberties with the canon because we take place post-current canon. This RP will officially become AU after the publication of Eclipse so that we are free to continue without having to drastically change the plot to accommodate the new book. So, please, feel free to plot with other characters as long as it is reasonable, believable, and fun for all involved.

6} The above plotting is to take place on the OOC community, grave_ooc. If you have a plot that will involve a lot of people or is a bit complicated, post it on the OOC community so that everyone can know about it, contribute, and prepare to have their characters act appropriately. Small surprises, like Bella finding flowers from Edward on her doorstep, are okay, but huge surprises, like Bella, the Cullens, and their players finding out that the Quileute werewolves are going to burn down the Cullens’ house is not cool.

7} If you and another player have a dispute, please don’t fight it out and cause problems OOC. It’s perfectly fine for Edward and Jacob to argue as they hardly do anything else, but it’s not okay for the Edward player and the Jacob player to fight each other. Please take it to a mod. If you and another player start arguing OOC, you will both be banned and your characters will be put up for new players, no matter whose fault it is. Wank will not be tolerated.

8} You are allowed to have up to two characters as of 2/2/07, but, though it’s not required, you’re advised to have those two be two characters who have little to do with one another so you’re not left RPing with yourself. Unless, of course, you like doing that.

9} In order to make a private journal entry, then mark it as such. Example, {Private} WORDS HERE {/Private} will make the entry or that portion of the entry private to whomever wrote it and {Private to ____} WORDS HERE {/Private} will make that entry or that portion of the entry private to whomever’s name it’s tagged with. In addition, if a character's words are striked through then those words are unable to be read. If your character could see them, then what would be the point of having them striked through? The only acception to this rule is Edward, who can read strike throughs because he can read minds. Except for Bella's, of course. A second exception is Alice, if the strike through happens to be some sort of private decision, which she would be able to see since she can see into the future.

10} Have fun. This RP was created for fans of Twilight who wanted a decent, active RP. I hope you’ll enjoy it as much as I hope to.


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