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Application - For we are going on, as this stream goes on:
The stream to the sea, we to the grave.
Okay, the thing about the application is... there's no personality or background section. I'm going to assume that if you found your way here, you know the personality and general information of the character you're applying for. And, if anything, that's what Twilight Lexicon is for. Therefore, that portion of the application is unnecessary and has been eliminated.

However, in its place, the most important part of the application is the Sample Journal/RP Entry. This is where you show me that you understand your character and can portray them acurately. So I suggest you do the best job you can. Best doesn't necessarily mean long. It just means that you need to bring out your A-game. That being said, please complete and email it to wetothegrave@gmail.com.


Name: your name or an alias by which we should refer to you
Age: i don't have an age restriction as long as you're mature and can spell, really
Time Zone:
AIM: it's not required, but it will be really useful for you to have
LJ: that is YOUR LJ, not the LJ you plan to make for your character
Previous Experience: if any and links please

Name: first and last, if they have one
Grade: if your character doesn't attend the school, take this part out of your application
Status: human, vampire, werewolf
Chosen PB: that is, the name of the celebrity you are choosing to represent your character. for example, Emily Browning is Bella's PB. in addition, once accepted, you will be required to upload icons of your PB to represent your character’s different moods. see Bella’s journal or ask a mod if you are still confused
Picture: a link to an image of your chosen PB; preferably a link that works so I don't have to google them myself
Sample Journal Entry: first person, past tense; no *action* or ^_^s or netspeak please and thank you
Sample RP Entry: third person, past tense with the same rules as above

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